Visual artist, mom, progressive house lover, and amateur biker 
My name is Kilia Llano
Since I was a kid, art was always "my thing". I remember I used to be drawing all the time at school, in any notebook I had. Since I was a little girl, I knew that I wanted to be an artist. Later on when I went to my first university, Altos De Chavón School Of Design, and then Parson School Of Design, where I finally got my bachelor degree in fine arts, I felt sure that I took the best decition ever.
My early starts were in textile design. I learned a lot about color, being the assistant of a very well known textile artist in New York. After a couple of years I moved to Barcelona, Spain to study Art History. At that moment  my interest in art teaching was starting to grow. I returned to the Dominican Republic in 1998, and from that moment I've been capable of work in a very varied art fields, such as: I worked for a national newspaper as the head illustrator for eleven years, I've been working as the head art teacher in a well known private school  since 2008, worked as the assistant director and art director for SDQ Magazine for eight years,  I also illustrated for several newspapers, magazines, advertising campaigns, children's books, and finally, three years ago I felt completely in love with street art.